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Roulette Table
If you play enough roulette you may come across the term charting a table. This is an expression used by more experienced players and it can pertain to one of two things.
  1. Analyis of a table, based on data derived from watching a table or from the digital roulette score sign, or
  2. Physical notation of the table decisions, which may take place after the evaluation stage noted above.
In either case, you are attempting to glean information from the table about its active trends, so that data flow path can be analysed and acted upon. Notation, however, can also be useful for an expanded evaluation after the session. But what's the point of doing this if every table result is an independent event? The future is an unknown at any table, right? True. But most tables tend to incline in a certain direction, and that trend can hang on for quite some time. It comes down to this : you can be oblivious to the table trend, or you can customise your play around it. The former is gambling. The latter is gambling to win. As you can well imagine, I advocate the latter. Some players cling to the belief that all tables are equal, and so it makes no difference which table you choose. A table that shows five zeros out of the twenty numbers on its digital score sign is equal to one that shown none? Would you light a torch to see the sun? Trends happen. Gamble to win.


For german roulette players see website about roulette in deutsch: Roulette Super

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