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Roulette Hedge Bets
We interrupt this program to bring you an important message about gaming insurance, otherwise known as hedge bets: Hey, you there : Are you going to let that thousand dollar bet on Red run the risk of losing to a longshot that could be covered with a very affordable hedge bet? For just $25, I can set you up in a policy that will ensure 7/8 of that amount against the possibility that the green monster (called zero) will appear. Now really, can you afford to pass up on a deal like that? Mind, this only applies to the single zero (European) roulette. At American roulette you'll need twice the amount, But it's still a good deal. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program. As you may have gathered from what you just read, I believe that hedge bets have a legitimate place in gaming. I guess I've lost too many bets to those doggone zeros! Hedge bets are like auto insurance. In the event of disaster (like losing a large bet when zero wins), you're protected. You're entitled to immediate compensation, which can be a godsend when you've got mondo bucks on the line. Now you don't want to play the every time, just when your bets are starting to get large. That way, you have protection when you need it most.  


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