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Roulette Parlays
Press and pull is conceptually related to the parlay, but it's an ongoing process; a technique that should be considered whenever you're winning with even money bets. In brief, it means press up your bet size as you win, the pull back at intervals, as a means of locking up your accumulated profits. One way to do this would be to launch a one-stage parlay every other spin. It's an effective way to maximise your gains, as long as you confine it to when you're already winning. When the wins seem to come easy, you can get more out of a table if you press and pull as you go. This technique outperforms flat bets during a winning streak because every other spin you make twice as much. Of course a multiple stage parlay much offer more potential for gain, but you run the risk of losing everything you've built if you don't stop at precisely the right moment. With press and pull, you strike a balance between low risk and high risk wagering.  


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