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Roulette Strategies and Systems
This site would not be complete if it didn't have something to say about systems, which are controlled gaming procedures that aspire to outperform random wagering. Let me say this -there are no honest systems which will consistently overcome casino odds. Gaming systems just don't work. While I agree that structure is important in your game plan, too much of it introduces an excess of rigidity. It's only a matter of time before a table zero's in on the weak link, and hammers it into the shape of Frisbee. If progressing blindly through a mechanical process worked (at a table), it would have been a huge media event. It would have changed the face of gaming as we know it. Every sharpie in the world would be ravaging the casino until they either changed their game, or closed their doors. Until you read about that on the front page of The Telegraph assume that systems still do not work, just as effectively as they have not been working for all these years!
• The Martingale
• The MiniMartingale
• The D'Alambert
• The Contra D'Alembert
• The 1-2-3-4
• Oscars Grind    


For german roulette players see website about roulette in deutsch: Roulette Super

Roulette Strategies and Systems | Roulette strategier og systemer | Roulette-Strategien und Systeme | Στρατηγικές Ρουλέτα και Συστημάτων | Ruletti strategiat ja järjestelmät | Stratégies de roulette et Systèmes | Strategie di roulette e Sistemi | Roulette strategieën en systemen voor | Roulette strategier og systemer | Estratégias de roleta e Sistemas | Estrategias de ruleta y Sistemas | Roulette strategier och system

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