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Casino Roulette Tips


Watch for "Dealer Signature"

Dealer signature is when an experienced dealer spins the roulette wheel and releases the ball with approximately the same speed and trajectory consistently from spin to spin. As long as there is little or no deflection from the metal stops on the rulet wheel, it is possible to predict where the ball will drop. At least within a particular zone on the wheel.

Track the numbers

If a number repeats often within 100 spins you may have found a biased wheel that can turn the house advantage around to your favor. A biased wheel is one of only two true opportunities to overcome the casino's advantage. The other is described next.

Cash in your Chips before you leave the table

You must buy in before playing rulet and exchange the colored chips for regular casino chips when leaving the table.

Avoid the 5 number bet

Always avoid the five number bet (covering 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3), it has the least profitable payback of all the bets. The house advantage on this bet is a whopping 7.89 percent.

Play the European Wheel

If given a choice between European and American rulet remember the odds are more in your favor with the European Wheel. Playing the European wheel lowers the house edge to 2.63 percent.

Look for the En Prison option

The best bet on the table is the even money outside bet on a European rulet Wheel when the en prison rule, or Surrender, is offered. So now you know the different types of bets, and the odds of winning on each bet. You have an idea on how to develop strategy, and you know the proper rolete etiquette. Now, onto specific rulet playing tips. First off, you've probably seen books and Internet advertisements for various "can't miss" rulet systems. Don't put too much stock into their systems, the people who publish these systems are making money from selling books, not using their systems. Rulete is a game of chance; there is no secret mathematical formula that will allow you to gain an edge on the casino. There is no such thing as a biased game, and the casinos are watching their dealers like a hawk for any signs of corruption. Our first tip is to find a European rulet wheel, as the odds of winning using it are increased, due to the fact that the wheel has one less number. People are growing more savvy, and demanding that European rolete wheels be included in traditional American casinos. Start out with even money bets, such as red/black or low/high bets. Straight up bets may allure you with their 35/1 payouts, but you'll probably lose your stack of money before hitting one. Always manage your money. Don't blow it all in one bet, split your money into smaller chunks so that you can last a longer amount of time and have more fun. Decrease your bets when you are on a losing streak, and increase your bets when you are winning. Above all, have fun. rulet is a social game, so put on your suit, get some free drinks and have a good time at the table.

Rulet tips submitted by visitors

"The stall": When your numbers stop hitting; i.e. when you don't hit for 3 straight rolls, on a 1 dollar minimum table, brake a 5 dollar chip into silver. Then paint the corners of a number in the middle column; i.e. place a dollar coin on each corner of black 17. Take the last coin and place it between the 0,00. Why would you do this? you do this when your numbers go cold. You brake your bet down to the minimum. You don't ever want to just sit there without money on the playing field. You are still playing 11 numbers per roll. It keeps you working. You can play out the cold spell till your numbers come back. This works out great when you know when to stop. "The stall" should be used only 4 to 5 consecutive rolls. Then go back to playing your regular numbers. It's a $20.00 plus a 10 min breathing period.


For german roulette players see website about roulette in deutsch: Roulette Super

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