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Roulette Wheels

Roulete Wheels

Starter Rolette Set

A complete low-cost roulete set for fun at home. Includes a 30cm plastic wheel with easy-glide bearings, two steel balls, a baize roulete mat, two boxes of numbered plastic chips and a small rake

Wooden Roulete Wheel

Quality looking wooden roulettee wheel with outside diameter of 310mm. Zinc alloy central disk with European single-zero markings and one wooden ball. Note: this wheel uses a central casting spindle, not a precision mechanism. But whilst it is not the same quality as the Italian Dal Negro wheels (below) it is at a very attractive price.

Bakelite Roulete Wheel

Smooth, black, 35cm diameter Bakelite roulete wheel with one "0" from Dal Negro. Bakelite has a more 'solid' feel than lightweight plastic roulettee wheels. The steel turning mechanism and bearings on this wheel are to a professional standard

Mahogany Roulete Wheel

The Montecarlo wheel is a top-quality 36 cm diameter Mahogany rulette wheel from Dal Negro in Italy. This wooden wheel is very attractive and adds a more 'professional' feel to your games evenings. Incorporates a precision steel turning mechanism. Available with one "0" as per European tables and two "00" by special request.

Mahogany Roulete Wheel 50cm

The Montecarlo 50 wheel is a top-quality 50 cm diameter Mahogany roulete wheel from Dal Negro in Italy. This wooden wheel has a precision steel spindle, is very attractive and adds a more 'professional' feel to your games evenings. The larger wheel size makes it better for organised evenings when more people will be crowding round the wheel. Stocked in European single '0', but available with two "00" as per American tables on special request.


For german roulette players see website about roulette in deutsch: Roulette Super

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